Our Human Resources Policies

As Demir İnşaat, we pursue a policy that respects human beings and the environment, values its employees and customers, and uses their resources in the most effective manner with a vision that is open to innovation.

Our company attaches utmost importance to occupational health and safety, and creates a working environment that meets quality standards. We constantly develop and improve to respond to the needs of our employees in the fastest way possible in order to use human power efficiently and productively.

Our target; is to bring work power to our company whom are in harmony with our corporate values and culture, qualified, loving and enthusiastic about their work, and who are able to carry out their responsibilities efficiently.

We aim to increase the performance of our employees, improve their knowledge and skills, and guide them in their career planning with trainings that we organize in various fields within the company.


Recruitment and Placement
Training and Development
Performance Management and Career Planning
Management Systems
Social Responsibility


To create a qualified workforce and to provide quality service to our customers with constructive results,
Supporting our employees with training programs aimed at providing knowledge, skills, good attitudes and behaviors, creating resources for continuous improvement,
For achieving maximum benefits, improving the management system with personal performance and team performance with processes and systems that improve quality,
By adopting customer-driven service approach, providing difference-making and quality services,
To be able to provide quality and safe work environments for our employees, considering tomorrow as well as today, creating career management systems and to offer career development opportunities,
Keeping the organizational structures dynamic in line with our company’s strategic plans and objectives and ensuring that they are ready for change,
Creating a value-oriented culture, trust and business environment where people can embrace a positive discipline and where they can work with pleasure; to provide an environment that will enable employees to increase their motivation and commitment,
Ensuring generating a corporate culture and consciousness in which innovation and creativity are promoted,
Focusing on occupational health and safety and protecting our natural environment, being respectful to first the human and the nature, developing systems to prevent work accidents, and keeping occupational health and safety and environmental factors at the forefront of all our projects,
Maintaining the commitment to the principles of objectivity, sensitivity and justice and ensure that human resources practices are carried out by the managers and employees in cooperation.